transfigured reverie

yess this is for valentines day not an invocation of my will but a doing because of the people around. i would have loved it more if it was for someone specific.
I really didn't heed attention to today till last evening when all the co-workers kept asking me whats the plan for tomorrow?
i was wondering that it was a holiday but no ,... it was valentines day.. oh so much to look forward to.. 
for some reason everyone here were lead to believe that i have a valentine and i disappointed them by telling them the truth.
all day people around me were discussing about it, about the weird post there have been on facebook and other sites and been sharing videos of valentines day.
so in the evening i actually looked back in my life not with regret but to mull over my relations.
how every single relation has actually brought me to who I am now.
So today out of the blue somebody asked me 'what kind of girl do you want to be with ? now that you are single what kind of girl are you looking for?'
for a minute i was like ' is that even something worth think?' but the question did make me think over it. 
And I described the girl to myself. After a while I realized I have already been with a girl like that. But then I inculpated her shortcomings for the reason for us not being together.
then I amended my desires and realized that I have been with a girl who full filled those requirements also.
But I had a good convincing reason for not being with all of them. But there was only one mistake in common - Me
I'm not giving up hope or anything. Nor does this blog-post is suppose to reflect despair. Its just what came to mind. 
and guilefully comes everyday to my mind.
when I look around at the people around me.
At the girls and women out there and think that my companion(s) should fix in this quality or that quality. 
Reverie things that i will do or we will do. Even if don't want i keep thinking about it with a necessary stimulus(i hope it is normal) 
After all in seeing others I understand myself, by looking at others I see myself. 
Obviously i'm looking forward to what is new stored for me in the time ahead cause it has always been better than before. But today I spent my day for my erstwhile love like the day of the dead.