Have you seen me ??

 Don ever forget to check your pockets before you put your clothes for laundry. 

Song of the day

Song of the day from shashrvaCAI on Vimeo

Pramod managed to make the tune catchy even in in just 10 seconds. 



 In a dark  place

 Feeling blue

 Summer time


9xM ident

 Hunny gave us a chance to trip around and try out some 3D stuff.
After all the experimentation and research we ended up just doing this ..

9xM Ident from shashrvaCAI

women be glad

True story
I don't know who to thank for the photo.


After Paw insisting so many times I finally compiled my workspace yesterday.

an exclusive video

See the complete project here. Behance

These are stills from the a new video I made for MTV.
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