live drawing at VFS

This was a highly refreshing experience of  live drawing at VFS.

School again

After a long road of being wild and free.. Going back to school is really difficult .. 

Toys of war

This is what I think about the armed forces. So i canned the idea of being a airforce pilot.
and i'm glad I did so, if not for that I would be like like Marlyn Monroe trying to play basketball or Jordan trying to be a actor. (well he has tried that).

punch in Bandra

 Painted on the streets of mumbai. One done on the checklist.

SiDe trips

some side trip made in class in free time

cintiq is back online

First Digital sketch since I have come to Vancouver.

MTV astro ident

MTV astro ident from shashrvaCAI on Vimeo.

This was my last project at MTV. It is not clear weather this will go on air.
It is believed that this ident is too slow for MTV.
But I really loved making this ident. Just keeping my finger crossed hoping that more and more people get to see this ident.

Next Big Thing

Next big thing from shashrvaCAI on Vimeo.
 This was the my first independent project that was done at MTV. The show got cancelled so this was never aired. To my surprise I didn't feel bad because this got shelved. 
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