Moonlight 2.1

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' Coming out of the cave was like coming back to a different world , the real world. Color burned , every thing took a moment to take shape and color. Nothing had changed in 2 days. Everything was just the same. But only he had noticed someone's presence. ' Someone was here !' he said to himself.  
He looked around and noticed a piece of cloth in  behind the bush. 'was it there before ?'
had I not seen it ? '
As he walked closer he noticed there was someone there. Silent as a rock sitting in the  bushes.
 There was a man in the costume of a monkey, like those you see in the travelling fares. Well you can't actually call it a costume. It was just a mask on his face and he was wearing a Dhoti below. He was sitting patiently meditating on a rock. For a moment panic ran through him as saw the monkey... the man ...  the monkey man. but he thought that this must be his regular meditating place or chilling place or whatever. For all that mattered now he was not alone. Unsure if that is good or a bad thing.
 The monkey man noticed his presence and oped his eyes.From is gaze it seemed that he had noticed his presence all along. There was something strange about the monkey man. But there is always something strange about these god-men. The monkey man exclaimed in quite a poetic tone, without any surprise
"Ah haan ! you have come out. I just thought I should wait in the shade while you were in the cave. I was worried that I was late but I think I came just in time." then the monkey man relaxed himself and continued  "not very fond of waiting myself and hence I try not make others wait." 
you could not see the monkey man talk because of the mask. So it was difficult to guess his emotions.
" Waiting? " he said in surprise , "Waiting for me ? Who are you ?"
The monkey man knits his eye brow and says  "Weren't you expecting me?" '

To be continued 

Running through Traffic

When I travel for work I don't always have a vehicle in different cities. I end up being more faster the every one is stuck in traffic. what I mean by traffic here is everyday life. The routine of waiting one behind the other. and the fact that all work has to be done in the same routine. 

Moonlight 1.6 (end of chapter one)

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"Sitting in the dark for long he thought that he would get used to it. But nothing like that happened. He seldom noticed his own hands. The only light that came in was from the entrance of the barrack. 
He came down here to clear his mind and figure things out. He got more solitude than he had expected. 
Seldom the sound of silence would be interrupted with distant rustling of the leaves in the wind.
But nobody or nothing came down here from the jungle outside. It was as if it was a different world in itself. A world of complete darkness.
Then he heard a sharp echoing sound of small falling. Bouncing , coming down the staircase.The echoing sound reduced as the object came closer, towards him, down in this dark hole, down towards this different world. The object seemed to glowing, Or maybe because of the darkness down there he thought it was glowing. It was round like a marble. He could not be sure if it was glowing, Or it only seemed to him because the marble came from the outside. The outside world. It did seem like an alien object. It appeared perfectly round but the coarse texture could be felt on his fingers. 
Before he could ask himself where it came from. He felt the presence of someone else. A movement of silhouette from the corner of his eyes.
'Could there be someone out there?' he asked himself. Or was it an animal or a creature ?"

end of chapter one

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Men are from Mars

Men are from Mars, they receive messages from mars through their antennas :P 
(inside Jokes)

If doing it was so wrong then why does it feel right

Your mind is filled with notions of right and wrong. And sometimes with the flow of things you end up doing the wrong thing.(what you assumed to be wrong) . But the feeling is so Right! and you don't know why. 

Moonlight 1.5

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'He stood in the darkness, while he thought about how he had reached there in the first place. 
For now he was truly lost. He thought by thinking over how he came here he would find his way back. Like the way he solved maze puzzles that came in the children's  section of the newspaper by following the road backwards.
He could be sure that the this was the beginning of all the absurdity. For the first time when he followed the dogs. But it was inappropriate to call this absurd, because though the what was happening to him was out of the mundane, it all occurred as if it was the most natural thing to happen. He knew he was alive but away from his own life.'

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Review: The Elephant Vanishes

The Elephant Vanishes The Elephant Vanishes by Haruki Murakami
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Amazing set of short stories...
Makes me want to read more of murakami's books.
One of the beautiful things about murakami's stories is that they are very normal and simple, but it lets your imagination think of paranormal, supernatural, odd and unreal conclusions.

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Narsimha Of Hampi

In Hampi I saw the most beautiful statue of Narsimha.
Withering in the hot sun.

Find the prints in red and Blue 

the original